If a workshop you plan to take offers a handout, you must download, print, and bring your own copy. Handouts will not be distributed at the festival! Not all workshops will utilize handouts. Some may provide you with links to materials after the festival, others may just demonstrate or project materials in class. If you do not see a workshop listed here, there are no handouts.

Click on the links below to download. If you have any problems email playukemail@gmail.com.

60’s-70’s JAM with John Batdorf!


About this download: We will be projecting these during the jam, BUT, they can be confusing at first glance. I highly encourage that you print these songs out and get familiar with them. Every song seemed to present a different challenge as to how to fit them all on one page in as big of a print as possible. Sometimes verses repeated so I could stack them, sometimes they changed a little or varied in structure, and the repeating areas varied as well. I did the best I could with the limited time I had in between all the other prep stuff!

In addition to the above, the songs are all in the original recorded keys! This will introduce many of you to chords you may have never played before, which may be difficult but is a good thing! And it also lets you to practice with the original hits on Youtube or, my favorite, Amazon Music.

The best way to learn the songs, in my humble opinion, is to follow along on the sheet while you listen to the original, before ever picking up your uke. (On Youtube, or again, I like Amazon Music, you can make your own playlist and you can get a free trial!) Make any notes you need to get familiar with each sheet. And look for consecutive chords that are similar to each other! There are several of those. For example, in Sweet Caroline, behind “I believe they never would, but now I…” you can play four consecutive bar chords that are just one finger change, two frets apart, if you play up the neck rather than open chords down low. Give it a shot!

Above all, this will be a fun Jam, not a performance! If you want to play another instrument or percussion or uBass or whatever, everyone is welcome! And NEWBIES! Play what you can and what you can’t do yet, sing or tap your foot or follow along with the clapping sections etc. But COME!

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD, OLDER PDF FORMAT: If the link at the top is problematic, TRY THIS ONE.


John Batdorf, our “Composing Melodies” instructor, who was a recording artist in the 70’s and toured with America, Bread, Linda Ronstadt, etc. will be providing the strumming and vocal leads for this jam, so I am including one of his records, “You Are A Song.” Check it out in the Youtube link here and get familiar with it. It is a fine song with nice descending and ascending bass lines, suitable for LOW G tuning is you have it!

Pineapple Mango Earlybird Jam

Pineapple Mango Sheet Music PDF

Simple Songsheet

(Right click and download to computer)