General information about workshops at our festivals.

For specific information about an upcoming festival – such as dates, schedules,
locations, and tickets – please see either the Palm Strings or Reno pages.

How do I choose which classes to take?

You make take any class that your festival pass allows.

When choosing, consider the following:

  • Which workshop level best describes your current playing style and ability?
  • Will the topic be understandable to you?
  • What styles of playing/music are you most interested in learning?

Which classes am I allowed to take?

  • Early Bird or Two-Day Pass – unlimited workshops both days
  • One-Day Pass – unlimited workshops on your chosen day
  • Newbie Pass – restricted to Level 1 and All Level classes only
  • Individually Purchased Workshops – only the workshop purchased is allowed

What are workshop levels?

We classify workshops by levels from 1-3 at each festival to give an indication of difficulty.

To get the most out of our festival workshops,  it is helpful to know which level matches your current abilities and interests.

Note: Other than Newbie passes, your festival pass never restricts you to any particular workshop level. It is therefore up to you to ensure you’re choosing classes appropriate to your level. (See tips below for planning ahead if you want to attempt a harder level class.)

How many workshops can I take?

As many as you like (and that your festival pass allows)!

Our recommendation…
If you have a full festival pass (either two day or early bird), we encourage you to take a break from classes to relax, decompress, jam, or practice what you’ve learned. Several classes are offered on repeat days to allow this.

There are multiple classes I want to take, but they’re at the same time!

We strive to offer a “Create Your Own Festival” experience with as much variety as possible, but there are only so many hours in a day. You may see two classes that you want to take are scheduled opposite each other. Many classes are offered again on a different day to help with some scheduling conflicts. There will almost certainly be too many options to experience everything interesting, but with a little planning, you should be able to do most everything desired over the course of the festival. We hope you have a great time!

Wear Your Badge!

At registration, you will be given* a badge and a lanyard corresponding to the days and workshop levels purchased.
*For the stand-alone “Intro to Uke” class, you will be given a color coded name tag.

Be sure to wear your badge while inside any workshop; our staff and instructors periodically scan the classrooms for proper credentials.

“Oops! This class is too hard for me!”

Our workshops are packed with a lot of information in a relatively limited period of time, and are tailored to the Workshop Level  posted in the schedule.

Our recommendation…
As such, it is most beneficial to attend classes that reflect your current playing level. However, if you have paid for an unlimited pass, you are entitled to attend any class at any level. If you choose to attend a class that is listed as a level higher than your own, please keep in mind the following:

  • Have an alternate class selected and know which room it is in, in case you decide the higher level class is not for you.
  • Choose a seat that will allow you to leave with minimal disruption, should you need to do so.
  • If you switch workshops mid-class, please enter your alternate class quietly. We would rather you miss part of a class – and be able to understand it – than be completely lost in the first class.
  • If you choose to stay in the higher level class and the material is beyond your current level, please adopt the role of “passive observer.” Please allow those attendees at the intended level to ask the questions.

Print Your Handouts!

Most of our workshops are technique-based, rather than “let’s play a song” classes, so many will not use handouts. For those that do, the handouts will be posted on this website.

You must print and bring handouts with you to the festival or otherwise have digital access to the handouts if you plan to take the corresponding workshops. In the interest of minimizing waste and complying with copyright laws, paper handouts will NOT be provided at the festival.

Music Stands?

Due to limited space in the classrooms, we encourage “packing light.” While music stands can be useful, a simple swivel-top clothes hanger with clips works well and takes up far less space.

If you feel a music stand is necessary for you to best experience our workshops, please be considerate of your fellow attendees and choose a seat near an aisle.

Pick Up After Yourself!

Please.  🙂

And Finally… Be Courteous!

Our instructors must prepare for a class of unknown size and abilities and deliver their information in a limited time. Please be quiet and courteous at all times, for their benefit and for that of fellow attendees.

Please listen carefully to your instructor to know how and when they wish to receive questions.