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LEVEL 3 The Fascinating Rhythm of Ukulele Ike - Casey MacGill

LEVEL 3 – Fascinating Rhythm is both a classic Ike song and his playing style. This class will begin with the song and strumming styles and, if time allows, will also address Singing In The Rain, which Ike introduced in the 1920’s. HANDOUTS COMING!>

LEVEL 3 My Three Strums—Jazz Strums from the Master! - Casey MacGill

LEVEL 3 – The three strums I use regularly are THE SWING STRUM, THE SHUFFLE STRUM, and THE RUMBA STRUM.

We will spend the most time learning the swing strum technique to create a danceable rhythm feel with the ukulele. We will learn the damping technique that is essential to creating the swing rhythm.

Damping the strings is also important in the shuffle strum, which comes from the rhythm feel of the classic rhythm n’ blues records of Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, up to and including Elvis Presley.

Last but not least the rumba strum is a bit more complex, but we break it down to three bite-sized morsels, and learn to count and play it together. It comes in handy with 1950’s anthems like Save the Last Dance for Me, Three Cool Cats, Lonely Teardrops, and Under the Boardwalk. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

EARLYBIRD BONUS - All Of Me for All Of You - Dani Joy

LEVEL 2EARLYBIRD BONUS CLASS! This workshop has been under development for many months now and promises to be exceptional! Dani Joy will dissect the Ella Fitzgerald arrangement of the 1931 standard All of Me into four parts: Chords and Strumming, Chords plus Licks, Full Chord Melody, Chord Melody plus Embellishments.

No matter your playing level, there will be a part for you. The end goal? An American Classic played as recorded, for all level of players. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

LEVEL 2 Gatsby Strumming - Dani Joy

LEVEL 2 A banjolele friendly workshop based around the classic “Sweet Georgia Brown,” utilizing some common strums heard on and around college campuses in the 1920’s.


LEVEL 1 Hello Strum, Nice to Meet You - Dani Joy

LEVEL 1* (Newbie Pass Accessible! Best for players with some level of playing experience but open to all.) – Introduction to various beginner and intermediate strumming patterns. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

LEVEL 1 Riffin’ The Good Life - Dani Joy

LEVEL 1* (Newbie Pass Accessible! Best for players with some level of playing experience but open to all.) – Using just a couple of universal riffs, you will take a chromatic walk, play with slides, and incorporate hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends! You will leave the class with new ways to express Yourself! DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

EARLYBIRD BONUS Malagueñas - Daniel Ward

LEVEL 3EARLYBIRD BONUS CLASS! Daniel is a master flamenco guitarist who ported his skill to the ukulele several years ago. He has arranged this Spanish guitar classic to the ukulele for this special Bonus Workshop!

Strong intermediate abilities are recommended to get the most from the class, but you are welcome to give it a shot no matter your level. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

LEVEL 3 Melody Meditations - Daniel Ward

LEVEL 3 – The companion class for Daniel’s latest book. Similar to Arpeggios but with melodies rather than melodic patterns.  Be the first to dive into this selection of elegant tunes. Again, some fingerpicking is involved so definitely recommended as a 3 or an “Upper Level 2” workshop.


LEVEL 3 Arpeggio Meditations - Daniel Ward

LEVEL 3 – Meditative patterns from Daniel’s wildly popular book, suitable for hunkering down in a sunny corner and performing for plants or soothing a passing wild beast. Excellent exercises that will benefit all playing styles. Some fingerpicking is involved so definitely recommended as 3 or an “Upper Level 2” workshop.


LEVEL 2 Building An Act - Dead Man's Uke

LEVEL 2 – From Plucking to Performing: Whether you aspire to gig professionally or just want to make your best impression at open mic, this class is for you. It looks at topics such as song choice, developing your style, showmanship, and even a bit of tech– all the things that make you stand out on stage.

LEVEL 2 Everything I Know I Learnt From Glen Campbell - Dead Man's Uke

LEVEL 2 – Exploring the sounds and song patterns created by the late great Glen Campbell and mega hit songwriter Jimmy Webb, composer of Wichita Lineman, Galveston, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, MacArthur Park, Up Up and Away, All I Know, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Still Within The Sound Of My Voice, and more.

EARLYBIRD BONUS A Master Musician Considers A Song - Gerald Ross

All LevelsEARLYBIRD BONUS CLASS! There are only a handful of true, master musicians in the ukulele world and Gerald is right there at the top. This bonus workshop will be Gerald’s version of a Ted Talk—all levels of players should benefit greatly!

Gerald will break down each part of the puzzle that is the arranging and performing of a song. From chord choices, to inversions, to bass lines, to high vs low G considerations, and more. No matter your skill level, you’ll gain insights that will increase your understanding of the ukulele and the musical process.

LEVEL 2 Three Note Bluesy-Jazz Chords - Gerald Ross

LEVEL 2 – All you need to know to get that cool-cat sound! Just because the ukulele has four strings doesn’t mean you have to play them all! Many times, you can say more musically with two or three notes than you can with four.

You will learn how easy it is to finger three-note chords that sound much more bluesy and jazzy than their four-note counterparts. Simple Blues songs will be used to demonstrate this effective, very hip-sounding style. NO MUSIC THEORY NEEDED! NO MUSIC READING REQUIRED! And no knuckle-busting chord shapes to learn—just fun! DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

LEVEL 2 Take it! The Easy Path to Single-Note Soloing - Gerald Ross

LEVEL 3 – Have you ever wondered how musicians play just the right notes when it’s time to take a solo? Have you ever been to a jam session and had the leader look at you and say, “take it!” ? Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think and requires only a confident-beginner to intermediate skill set. The secrets to single-note solos are not difficult. In this class you’ll learn a few basic tricks and techniques and be soloing within the first fifteen minutes! DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HANDOUTS

LEVEL 1 Intro to Ukulele – Kids & Adults - Heidi Swedberg

TIME DAYS Adults, bring your kids! Kids, bring a parent or adult! This class will introduce the ukulele to both of you, beginning at…the beginning! How do you tune it? How do you hold it? How do you use your right and left hands to achieve the shortest learning curve? This class is accessible with any kind of workshop pass, (Newbie on up) or as a separately ticketed, stand alone class. Because a limited number of loaner ukuleles will be available to use in class and to purchase after, stand-alone ticket sales are extremely limited. See ticket details HERE..

LEVEL 1 Intro to Ukulele – Adults - Heidi Swedberg

LEVEL 1UKULELE from Scratch Brand-new players

This recipe uses only two ingredients: you and your new uke!  We will start making music together right away, adding one skill at a time until you can play literally hundreds of songs. It seems too good to be true, but that is the magic of the ukulele. Heidi Swedberg loves working with absolute beginners, making the complicated simple and fun, and sharing their joy of musical discovery. Gestalts and laughs a plenty. Let’s get cooking!  See ticket details HERE.

LEVEL 1 Uke 102 – Heidi Swedberg

LEVEL 1UKULELE 102 – 2 Chords OR LESS      Beginner

The second class in your Newbie ukulele journey.!Learn how easy it can be to feel chord changes, play and sing confidently at the same time while enhancing your repertoire with a stack of really cool new and old one, two and “no chord” songs! Keeping the chording simple allows players to focus on rhythm techniques. It’s like taking vitamins.

ALL LEVELS HAWAIIAN for ALL – Heidi Swedberg

LEVALL LEVELS  – HAWAIIAN for ALL beginners and up

Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana! Get started with the Hawaiian language by learning a few simple songs with deep roots. Popoki Make a Cat employs the “Hawaiian turn-around” sound, and Kahuli Aku is a traditional chant set to music by Winona Beamer.  Bonus: seated hula!

LEVEL 1 Singing with your Uke - Jessica Agg

LEVEL 1 – Holding an instrument in front of you and concentrating on your hands can make it harder to maintain good vocal techniques. Learn how to get the most out of your voice whether sitting or standing, while avoiding bad habits that can hold you back.

LEVEL 2 Ukulele Ike's "When You Wish Upon A Star" - Jess Y James

LEVEL 2 – One of the first superstars of uke was also the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s Pinnochio, singing this iconic and beautiful tune. This workshop will present When You Wish Upon A Star in Jiminy’s original key and will provide some alternate options for some of the more challenging chords.


LEVEL 1 uBass 102, Beyond the Basics - Sir James

LEVEL 2 So you’ve got a bass ukulele and know how to play the basic 1-5 backing technique. Now what do you do? Bass Uke 101 highly recommended as a pre-requisite.

LEVEL 2 BARITONE UKE Integrations - Perry Stauffer

BARITONE UKE REQUIRED Finally! It appears that we many have enough interest to field a craft for the most rich sounding instrument in the ukulele family, the baritone. Learn tips, tricks, and licks for playing alone and also how to more easily integrate playing a bari with GCEA ukes. 

LEVEL 1 uBass 101, The Basics of Bass on Ukulele

BASS UKE REQUIRED So you’ve got a bass ukulele and don’t know what to do with it. This is where you begin!

LEVEL 2 - Interactive Performance Class - Victor & Penny
LEVEL 2 & up – Learn valuable tools on how to present your songs confidently in a live performance. Together, we’ll tackle how to connect with the audience, manage stage fright, and focus on singing, playing and remembering your lyrics all at the same time (gah!). We’ll break it all down for you as we discover what makes a great performance great, and how you can have great performances too.


LEVEL 2 - Interactive Performance Class - Victor & Penny
LEVEL 2 & up Class 1 required – We’ll take it to the next level in this hands-on open-mic style class. In a safe, encouraging environment we’ll try out the things we learned in Performance 1. A limited number of attendees will present a song and work on it one-on-one with V&P while the balance of attendees observes and learn by listening to the interaction/instruction.


LEVEL 2 Arranging Songs for the Ukulele- Victor & Penny

LEVEL 2 – MAKE IT YOUR OWN: Arranging tunes for Ukulele
So you found the chords to that great song you want to learn. Now what? Erin McGrane and Jeff Freling of Victor & Penny show you helpful tips and techniques to take that song you love and make it your own. We’ll explore some key elements of arranging, including intros and tags, chord substitutions, strumming styles, finding the right key for you, dynamics and more. Show your style and mix it up with panache and confidence to sound your best. Question and answer time after.