Casey MacGill

Ukulele Workshops: The Fascinating Rhythm of Ukulele Ike / My Three Strums / Performance: Finale Swing Band Leader 

Casey MacGill plays rhythm on the ukulele with a super-solid feel supporting his stellar vocals. Whether it’s his classic swing strum, the groovy shuffle strum, or the sensuous rumba strum, he brings a deep pulse to the music.  He began strumming during the folk music scare of the early 60’s, busked movie lines for Easy Rider, appeared on the Tonight Show, the infamous Gong Show, the movie Frances, and opened the Broadway show Swing! playing his uke.  He shares his intuitive feel for the instrument with audiences and students all over the world at festivals and workshops, and demonstrates why It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing.

Gerald Ross

Ukulele Workshops: Three Note Bluesy-Jazz Chords / Take it! The Easy Path to Single-Note Soloing / Earlybird “Ted-U Talk:” A Master Musician Considers a Song.
Gerald Ross is one of the finest instrumentalists on the scene today. Whether he is playing the guitar, the ukulele, or the Hawaiian steel guitar, his music expresses a sense of rhythm and melody that is rare in contemporary music. His musical virtuosity and entertaining mix of swing, blues, Hawaiian, American roots music and Tin Pan Alley are a joy to hear. And eclectic? When the mood strikes him, he’ll pick up the Cajun accordion, mandolin, bass, banjo, harmonica, charango and, as mentioned, the ukulele.

Gerald has performed in concert with Bonnie Raitt, Arlo Guthrie, Doc Watson, Johnny Gimble, Riders In The Sky, Brownie McGhee, and many others. He appears in the award winning film documentaries “The Mighty Uke” and the PBS syndicated “Wheatland – The First 40 Years” and has appeared many times on “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Victor & Penny

Ukulele Workshops: Interactive Performance, Arranging

Victor & Penny deliver antique-pop, swing-infused, folk-jazz in their signature high-energy style with joy, humor, and soaring musical improvisation. Victor & Penny were named “Best Folk Ensemble 2015” by the PITCH; “Standout Concert of the Year” by the Joplin Globe; and are two-time Folk Alliance International official showcase artists. V&P feature tight vocal harmonies, dazzling guitar work, and a fiery ukulele. Their performance workshop is still one of the best ukulele based classes I’ve ever witnessed, and their 2016 full-length CD, “Electricity” is still one of the few albums that I’ve every fallen in love with at first listen. But better than all of that, Jeff Freling (Victor) and Erin McGrane (Penny) are terrific human beings that I am honored to know.

Daniel Ward

Ukulele Workshops: Earlybird Bonus: Malegueñas, Arpeggio Meditations, Melody Meditations

Daniel Ward is an accomplished musician, composer and educator, who has become one of the country’s top clinicians and performers on the ‘ukulele circuit’.  He is known for his command of Latin styles and teaches right hand techniques, adapting his style and knowledge from the classical and flamenco guitar.  He has been a featured performer and workshop instructor at festivals across the country.

As a guitarist, Daniel has toured the world playing flamenco guitar with Ottmar Liebert  and Luna Negra as well as performing with the flamenco dance ensembles of Maria Benitez, Dance Espana, and Yjastros.

Heidi Swedberg

Workshops: Family Friendly Intro to Ukulele, Others TBA

Probably like many of you, Heidi first entered my life in movies and on television, most notably as the only character ever killed off on prime time television by licking envelopes. Now, she’s as much a ukulele fixture as anyone else in our humble corner of the music world. Heidi is a true, multi-faceted performer with a huge heart, regularly performing at children’s hospitals and working with kids. She and partner Daniel Ward have been cranking out childrens books, music instruction books, and much more. I’m extremely pleased that they could make our desert soirée this year!

Dani Joy

Ukulele Workshops: Earlybird Bonus: All of Me for All of You! Others TBA

Dani Joy is a California based singer/songwriter/instructor and Ko’aloha Ukulele featured artist. She is also an accomplished music instructor, following a legacy left by the Herreid family and most especially her Dad, my old friend Stu. I have watched her mature as an artist, a songwriter, and an instructor and I’m proud to include her in my festivals whenever I can because she’s a truly talented individual. If you’re a newer player, you’ll definitely want to get under Dani’s wing—she’ll lead you down the power path! Her world-influenced style is soothing, romantic and fun, blending vintage jazz with latin rhythms and contemporary classics. She is most noted for her crooning alto vocals and tasteful fingerpicking accompaniment. She performs with Perry Stauffer on Double Bass, who adds a brilliant fullness to their act. Watch for Dani Joy & Perry throughout the festival.