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Reno Uke Fest is only a week away! Wahoo!

Don’t forget to download and print or order your WORKSHOP HANDOUTS
Handouts are NOT available at the festival!

* Free Intro To Ukulele Class for Kids ages 10-13 *

Attention local parents! We are offering a free intro-to-ukulele class Saturday at 1:30pm for the first ten children to sign up.

• Ages 10-13* only.
• Child must be accompanied by an adult observer.
Adult who will attend must email us using the link below. Please include child’s name, your name, and your contact phone number.
• We will provide loaner ukuleles for the class.

*Older children with ukuleles are welcome to sit in on Jim D’Ville’s “Play Uke By Ear” class at 9am. Be sure to visit our  Marketplace and try our vendor’s ukuleles while you’re at the festival!

Location: John Ascuaga’s Nugget, 2nd floor.
Time: 1:30 pm.

Child must arrive at registration table with an adult, no later than 1pm, Saturday, April 26.
Take escalators opposite hotel front desk.


cua1Our 4th Southern California Session near Big Bear
promises to be the best yet!



Full day classes from Lil Rev and Fred Sokolow,
the most published instructor team on the planet!

beginnersWant to join the ever growing family of ukulele enthusiasts?
We’ll take you by the hand and get you hooked in one weekend!

cabinsGroups of two or more get their own private heated cabin & bath.
Singles share private cabin/bath built for six with one other single.

mealsRetreat attendees are served three delicious meals
a day including veggie/gluten free options.
Day passes include lunch.







Southern California Ukulele Retreat


The California Ukulele Academy Mountain Retreat has a definite family feel to it vs. the big, busy party that is Reno. Our total group is only about 70. The quiet stillness of the forest is interrupted only by the crunching of pine needles under foot and the sweet strumming of four strings. Everything is relaxed and laid back, except perhaps for the nightly, sometimes rowdy open mic sessions!

Family or groups are assigned their own cabins. Singles are paired off, two to a cabin that is built for 6 or more so it’s easy to inhabit opposite ends and achieve semi-privacy. All cabins are heated with private baths. Towels, bedding, and amenities are provided.

The heartiest souls meet at 7AM for a morning hike, while the rest of us amble into the dining hall at 8ish for a nice morning breakfast. New acquaintances are made over coffee, tea, or juice and the energy builds as we approach class time.

Our workshops are full day affairs with breaks as needed and a lunch buffet in the middle. Without the clock watching rush of an hour long workshop, there is much time for Q&A and individual attention.

This year you will spend one day learning Fred Sokolow’s “Fretboard Roadmap” and a second day mastering new playing techniques taught by Lil Rev. Now I said the retreat is laid back, but there is a difference between these two: Fred is calm and EXTRA laid back while Rev is full of boundless energy!

If you are, or come with, a genuine beginner, we also have a beginner’s course too, taught mostly by Kona Don Price along with short sessions from Rev and Fred.

After class our chef’s prepare gourmet dinners for every type of diet. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings after dinner we all meet for ukulele activities: Short performances, open mic for the brave, and this year ukulele poker and a screening of “Under the Boardwalk, A Ukulele Love Story” for those interested.

By Friday night, everyone is pretty loose and many new friendships are being created. By Saturday night, everyone is a big happy family. Some folks turn in early, some burn the midnight oil.

Sunday morning we have breakfast and start the goodbye process. A few heartfelt songs may be offered up from stage. We are sad to leave, but happy that in six short months we can do it all again!

There are three links in the left column giving all of the details, reservation info, and more.